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2013 Hunting Season is off to a big BANG!!!

Posted by WCWOhio on 09-21-2013 18:35:34

Check out some of the MONSTER whitetail taken so far this season!



One of our guides holding a monster buck!








Dave from Texas take a 220 class on Tuesday with his rifle.















Mike from New York takes a 22 point whitetail!





Mark's group from Michigan took 5 nice whitetail bucks.












Another big typical from the Michigan group!














Michigan group on Monday at 7:00. This whitetail is estimated at 300 pounds.

Remember, we are spotting new bucks daily! Nicky is offering a 20% discount on 200 class bucks this week. Hurry up and book your dream hunt today! CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE SPECIALS

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