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Missouri group is on the hunt!

Posted by WCWOhio on 10-16-2013 13:17:42

It has been another exciting week so far here at World Class Whitetails of Ohio as a group from Missouri has been out on the hunt!

Overlooking some corn from the scissor blind.

Very nice buck taken after some hard hunting!

After 45 years of hunting Charles never thought he would get a whitetail of this caliper.


After hunting the cornfield all afternoon, here at just before 6, this buck gets in our sights! We are looking for 3 more MONSTER 220 to 260 class today.


Very nice buck! Excellent shot!

Bucks sighted on the move.

Taking 25 bucks in the next two weeks before heavy rut. Get a spot if you can get away for a day or two. All mean mean bucks!!!

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