Mackie, Dalton, Howard, Jr, and Joe Black are on the hunt! :: 09-21-2013 18:05:19 :: posted by WCWOhio

Mackie, Dalton, Howard, Jr, and Joe Black are on the hunt!


Well in the last 3 days Mackie, Dalton, Howard, Jr, and Joe Blake have been putting down some whitetail! We have seen some beautiful weather with just a little bit of rain off and on through the day.


Jr took a very nice typical yesterday which is scored around a 170 class.





Later that evening Mackie took a beautiful 150 class just before dark with a twenty five odd six rifle.












Howard also nailed a nice whitetail this same day with a rifle.







Dalton took this monster this morning in the creek bottoms at about 10:30 while hunting in heavy marshland. The buck was shot with a muzzleloader inbetween a rain shower.




This is about a 150 class and now we are off with Joe while he is looking for a 100 plus. Wish us luck!




12:57pm - We seen some bucks but they are not mature.



3:41pm - Joe just got his huge whitetail 25 minutes ago from one of our ground blinds. What a big typical! This monster was only sighted one other time. This buck is estimated at 220 typical. Wow! Thanks for wishing us luck!






Another great picture of Joe's 220 typical.




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