Deer Hunting Preserves the Deer Herds :: 08-27-2012 09:31:51 :: posted by WCWOhio

The survival of any species in the wild is an ongoing fight to meet the basic necessities of daily life. Whitetail deer hunting preserves and contributes heavily to the survival of deer herds

The survival of any species in the wild is an ongoing fight to meet the basic necessities of daily life. Whitetail deer hunting preserves and contributes heavily to the survival of deer herds in that by reducing the overall population there is a rise in available food for those remaining whitetail Deer. Because of this, the general physical health of those surviving whitetail Deer is improved and the resistance to disease is increased as a result. The implications of a healthy whitetail Deer herd impacts future generations of the species, in that offspring are born in better condition with less inherited physical conditions.

Whitetail deer herds usually have a very difficult experience in obtaining enough food in the Winter months, and are forced to move closer to civilized communities in their search. The more overpopulated a herd becomes the greater the grazing area, and instead of a whitetail deer herd with 50 members who are well fed, the result is a whitetail deer herd with 100 members who are diseased and starving.The realization of urban sprawl is that tens of thousands of deer are killed annually by automobile traffic, as well as many motorists. By thinning the deer herd more food is available, and keeps the herd in a location far removed from the danger of human interaction.

In nature, the preservation of deer herds is accomplished in large part due to the feeding requirements of predators, such as Wolves and Bears. Especially in the Eastern United States, the diminishing numbers of these predators due to increased human population has given rise to remarkable increases in the Deer population. In many Eastern locations, special annual hunts by marksmen are authorized to permanently remove deer from suburban communities.

Even in remote areas of the Western United States, the timber and mining industries have claimed resources that were once prime feeding grounds for whitetail deer herds. Again, this drives the Deer closer to civilization in search of food. Western wildfires destroy millions of acres yearly further reducing available food for Deer.

In the deep South, Hurricanes destroy natural whitetail deer habitat. In the Midwest, droughts, floods and Tornado's are the culprit for Deer starvation. There is no geographic region in the Continental United States that can support an unchecked population of Deer. The hunting regulations in place still have many farmers fighting not only the elements, but whitetail deer herds grazing on their fields, and impeding their ability to feed the Nation.

Other solutions to controling deer herds are the rise of deer hunting ranches or deer hunting preserves. These facilities fully control the whitetail deer herd from birth to death in most cases. There are of course those he feel the deer hunting ranches or deer hunting preserves are unethical, however in many cases these facilities are top notch and let the deer live natural long and healthier lives than nature most likely would allow.

In the final analysis, no reasonable individual would ever desire to kill a magnificent animal without valid cause. Deer hunting preserves the Deer herd by removing those starving and sickly animals that pose a threat to the survival of the species.

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