Howie and group take more MONSTERS! :: 10-26-2013 09:12:59 :: posted by WCWOhio

More big whitetails and amazing memories!

Howie takes a totally BIG Whitetail!

Double drop tine buck at the power line with a 308 win!

Another very nice 165 class whitetail.

This says a very good whitetail! Wow the look.

Check out some of the MONSTER bucks that have been spotted on the ranch!

Another  buck on the power line! "My 2ND year and IM coming back next year!"

Lots of fun seeing lots of deer.

Making memories.

Your on him and a good shot through brush wow!

The Alabama girls are Hunters!

Nice and even on both sides! Typicals are on the rise.

We finally got a shot with the bow at 45 yards.

Remember we are seeing new deer everyday! Check out some of the MONSTERS spotted in the past two weeks!

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